led t5 batten

Compared to fluorescent lights, LED battens are energy-efficient lighting solutions. These types of lights can save you 40% on your energy costs. They are also easy to install. These lights are also known for their durability and reliability. They are suitable for homes, offices and retail shops. There are a variety of models and colours available. They have a sleek, modern look.

The best thing about LED battens is that they produce uniform light across the room. You can also use them with LED tubes to form linear lighting. These lights are designed with an integrated power supply, which eliminates the need for separate drivers. They also offer good stability and surge protection. Their dimmer switches allow you to control the illumination.

LED battens are available in different colours and sizes. Their brightness can be measured by the lumen (lm). It is important to choose the right size of fitting for your home. This is because the amount of light provided can determine the overall ambiance of the room. Generally, a single-car garage needs at least 6400 lumens per square foot. In a two-car garage, the minimum requirement is 6400 lumens per square foot.

Some LED battens also have a dimmable feature. This means that you can adjust the brightness of the light depending on your requirements. These lights can also be used in garages where there is a possibility of water or other materials splashing.

The colour rendering index (CRI) of a lighting fixture refers to its ability to characterize various colours. A high lumen LED chip produces flicker-free light, restoring the true colour of the environment. This chip also extends the life of the light. Several LED lights are now available in the market that can be used for 25,000 hours.

Another advantage of LED battens is their lightweight construction. These lights are easily mounted on walls. They are also available in weatherproof versions. This type of lighting can be used in areas where it is a problem to install fluorescent lights. These lights also offer spot-free lighting. They can be installed in garages, home offices, retail shops and malls.

You can also choose between white and blue LED battens. These lights have Kelvin scales of 5000-6500K. This means that they produce blue and warm-coloured lights, similar to the colours produced by incandescent lighting.

There are several brands of LED battens that can be used in your garage. These lights are available in a variety of colours, including white, blue, yellow and green. These lights are also available in different lengths. You can choose between single-tube and twin-tube battens. The construction of these lights is made of aluminum, which serves as a durable housing. It is also used as a heat sink for the LED chip.

LED battens are a great way to add style and brightness to your garage. These lights are durable, lightweight and energy-efficient. They can also be used to replace fluorescent tube lighting. The lights are also available in different colours, which will match the theme of your garage.

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